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Construction de BORD A BORD boats en aluminium

Our shipyard offers a wide range of aluminium boats, the BORD A BORD from 4,50 to 12 meters which have a well-known marine behavior. These aluminium boats are customizable and convertible. These boats are unsinkable and secure thanks to their freeboard height.

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  • The BORD A BORD 450 is a secure and robust bass boat entirely made from aluminium. Its hull is 4 mm thick. This boat is unique in its category: self-bailing, completely welded, foamed to ensure its unsinkability. Its deck plan is customizable on demand.

  • The BORD A BORD 570 is an aluminium boat which combines aestheticism and efficiency. Its powerful hull provides an efficient sea passage. Its deck plan is maximized in order to suit any leisure activities.

  • The BORD A BORD 620 is a boat made entirely from aluminium : it is the shipyard's flagship which has significantly contributed to create BORD A BORDs image accross the world. Well-known by the seabass fishermen as a robust and marine boat, the BORD A BORD 620 allows to face the most extreme sea conditions thanks to the shape and the steps of the hull. Its...

  • The BORD A BORD 695 is an aluminium wheelhouse which offers a surprising space and appreciated displacement room. Wide gangways, high reassuring freeboards, a surprising marine behavior are the qualities which seduces any sailor whatever its use. The semi-planing hull has the same qualities as the other BORD A BORD boats that is to say large hull steps...

  • The BORD A BORD 1000 offers a large deck plan and is customizable on demand. Its semi-planing hull ensures stability and planes quickly. It is a spacious boat which has an efficient marine behavior. It is available in 4 versions: OPEN, CABIN or DIVE. Category B version also exists.

  • The FOXSEA 1000 is available in a tilting bow version. This allows easy access to the beach or to load your boat. The islanders will appreciate this type of boat which, in addition to enlarging the deck area, will also allow the unloading of equipment. The Foxsea 1000, however, is a fast boat whose hull planes quickly. The boat will surprise you with its...

  • The ROVER 12 is a SUV on the sea. This boat can be used for pleasure or for people transportation.

  • High-performance and stylish, the Galéa 1100 is an engineering challenge with its tilting bulwarks, its modular benches, its retractable table and its convertible sun deck.

  • The DERVINIS 790 PRO is a versatile and sporty boat benefiting from the latest generation evolutions designed for both professional fishing and pleasure boating. The navigation equipment is customizable according to your needs and your navigation practices to offer you maximum comfort. This boat is equipped with an open cockpit to offer a panoramic view...

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

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