Pleasure boats 

Construction de Pleasure boats en aluminium

Our aluminium recreational boats are robust units with a marine behavior that meets the yachtsmen's and fishermen's requirements. These boats are unsinkable and secure thanks to the freeboard height. They are customisable and convertible.

  • BORD A BORD boats
    BORD A BORD boats

    Our shipyard offers a wide range of aluminium boats, the BORD A BORD from 4,50 to 12 meters which have a well-known marine behavior. These aluminium boats are customizable and convertible. These boats are unsinkable and secure thanks to their freeboard height.

  • Sailboats

    BORD A BORD builds all types of aluminium sailboat hulls from digitized plans drawn by naval architects. An aluminium sailboat is a long term project which combines the pleasure to travel and the pleasure to navigate.

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  • High-performance and stylish, the Galéa 1100 is an engineering challenge with its tilting bulwarks, its modular benches, its retractable table and its convertible sun deck.

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